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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rough and Tough

During undergraduate years, I have this assumption that what I've learned in classroom is just bullets for me to use in exams.

I couldn't relate the theory and application of knowledge until I enrolled my Masters. 

Sad enough. 

But hey, its the reality.

To think about it, I'm very grateful to Allah for the opportunity given by Him to pursue my studies. 

At first, masters was just an 'exuse' or 'escapism' from hectic working life. 

After all, I enjoyed doing my masters but somehow there's always bumps here and there. 

During my masters classes, I learned a lot especially in research and application of knowledge. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, now I know the mechanism of doing research. Although, I'm not good at doing research. But, I'm much more confident at doing it as compared during my undergraduate years. Yeah, I'm still learning.

Its heartbreaking when I see my juniors presenting and defending their proposals while their senior (ehem.. ehem.. me, of course) struggling with her research proposal.-.-'

At points, I feel demotivated and down. However, life goes on! This new semester, commenced yesterday, is my FINAL and last extension semester. InsyaAllah.I have to fight for my masters and I know its going to be rough and tough! Yes, ROUGH and TOUGH!

InsyaAllah, Muslimah and Mukminah Industrial Organizational Psychologist in the making. May Allah ease my path and give me a lot of strength to make it through this hardship. Allahu Ameen!

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