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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving forward, Mun!

Alhamdulillah, I met my good friends today after sometimes 'missing in action'. ;p.
We went to our friend's Walimah. 
Right after got back in KL (the walimah was in Seremban), me and my 2 other friends (both are siblings) went for a Secret Recipe date. 
We were sharing our stories and of course, I shared mine.
I had tough times right now due to my academic status. 
I received a call from an officer from Kulliyyah regarding my proposal registration.
I was quite shocked and sad.
Very sad.

I think that I've settled one problem.
But later, I had another BIG problem.
I had to wait until next week to confirm my academic status.
I pray that Allah gave me strength and guidance to face this problem.

Anyways, my friends suggested me this video by Matluthfi.Nice one by Br.  Mathluthfi. Good job! Just thought that this video can make you guys feel relief and motivated to face any obstacles in life. May Allah ease and give you strength in whatever obstacles that you're facing right now. 

p/s: Thanks to my 2 beloved friends. You know who you are. Love to bits! May Allah bless you


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