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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just do it!

The issue of my academic status has been 'haunting' me and some of my friends for more than 1 week.
Last Friday, we had our final say from THE DEPARTMENT.

*Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee*

FINAL VERDICT: Everything is to be finished by THIS SEMESTER

It made my heart torn apart.
Broken, precisely.

What I need must to do now is to complete everything within 1 semester.
Yes, everything.
I know this is possible.
And I know that this is also impossible.
Allahu 'alam
Allah knows BEST

Mind setting 1: Just do it, for the sake of Allah!
Mind setting 2: Just do it, for the sake of my beloved parents! May Allah bless both of you. I love both of you till death! *Hugs*
Mind setting 3: Just do it, for the sake of my master's certification!

p/s: InsyaALLAH Mun, YOU CAN DO IT! 

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