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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Happiness =).

I love taking pictures. 

It is one of my happiness in my life. 

Thank you Allah for everything that You had given us.



p/s: This is the first time ever that I uploaded pictures in my blog. Weee ~

Friday, January 21, 2011

Breath... New air.. fresh air

This week has been breath-taking, emotional and motivational at the same time.




Praise be to Allah, All Mighty

I was quite down with my research proposal as there were no 'significant' progress that I made since study week 4.


This week I did some literature search as I feel and found that the current literature not really 'supporting' my literature review process. And then, tadaaaaaaaaaaaa~ got some more literature. Alhamdulillah!

Almost everyday, I go to CERDAS and sit there with 2 of my friends who are in the same mission and vission as mine. Kak Siti is currently at the same stage as mine; she is doing her research proposal for her PhD in inclusive education. Meanwhile, Amirah is at her final stage of her thesis i.e. writing results and discussion. All the best to us! May Allah makes things easy for us. Ameen...

Last Wednesday, one of my lecturer during undergraduate years, Mdm. Normala (she taught me Public Administration) went to CERDAS with her friend and asked about doing Master in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I chatted with her and she inspired me to do PhD outside Malaysia (oversea). She said nothing is impossible as long as you are determined with what you want to do. For me, I am a bit worry about $$$ actually. I think that hinders me from my dream of pursuing masters or PhD. Haha! She suggested that I write to those potential supervisors and once the offer letter came, I just go to any sponsorship organizations. InsyaAllah, they will sponsor you. Huhu.. Okla tu mun. Tunggu ape lagi.. :p.

Yesterday held a briefing from Kuliyyah Postgraduate office on The Nuts and Bolds of doing Postgraduate studies at KIRKHS. I would like to congratulate and thank the committee and office of PG for organizing this. Although, the focus was more on the current student (Batch G10....) but the infomation given had enlighten my path to complete my master's thesis. The briefing was on the formal procedure for Masters and PhD candidates i.e. Which form to fill when you are about to finish writing your thesis/dissertation? Where to submit the form? How long does it take for Head of Department to check your research proposal before the document goes up to Office of Kulliyyah Postgraduate? Bla..bla..bla.. *Phew* Thanks to Dr. Hafiz Zakariya and colleagues. Good effort, I must say! =).

Ya.. dats all from me... Pray that Allah always ease my path in completing my masters, especially in thesis writing. Ameen..

p/s: Terbayang - bayang thesis bound with my name, Munira Abdul Jalil. Mudah - mudahan Allah beri kesempatan buat Pa dan Ma untuk tengok thesis bound tu. Ameen... ;).