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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sesiapa yang terjumpa atau ternampak atau tertengok wanita di bawah. Sila laporkan kepada saya di blog ini. 
p/s: Saya rindu wanita ini!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal

I've sent my thesis for examiners' evaluation yesterday, 20th April 2012 (Friday) at 11.05 a.m.
My supervisor asked: "Are you satisfied with your thesis?"
I replied: *Silent for few moments* 
"Hmm... I know it is not perfect. I just want to sent it. I know, afterward, I need to do corrections. Let's just send it."
May Allah soften the examiners' heart and rationalize their mind in evaluating my thesis.
Bismillahi tawakaltu 'ala Allah

Yes, I'm still struggling

to become a better Muslimah.

May Allah ease my path. 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

I used to

listen to head banging songs before.

At that time, I was influenced by a closed cousin of mine.
He likes to listen to Metallica, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.
I even bought Limp Bizkit's cassette.
Gile ah mun!

Yeah, that was me 10 years ago. During that that, these bands dominated MTV and V Channel.
 The thing with these kind of songs is the melody.
I know that some of the lyrics are nonsense and obviously non-Islamic.
 As for me, I listen these songs as I feel that the melodies suit my mood.
Head banging songs = Energy pumping mode
Gile ah mun (lagi!)

Papercut - Linkin Park
This song was my 3310's ringtone. I like the melody so much! 
So much energy, I think!

Rollin - Limp Bizkit
I bought their album. Memang gila ah ko Mun!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


InsyaAllah akan mula bekerja part-time.
Selamat berjaya mun!
 p/s: 7 dan 6 bukannya lama kan?

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Surely, I will miss this garden one day ...

InsyaAllah, my thesis and masters journey will end soon.
Currently, I'm finalizing and correcting my thesis for examiners' evaluation.
I hope Allah soften the examiners' mind and heart while reading and evaluating my thesis.
After I submit the thesis, I have to wait for 1 month (InsyaAllah) to get their feedback.
In the meantime, I have agreed to help out the office where I used to volunteer as they need extra hands to handle for administrative work.
 After that, I will start hunting for jobs.
And surely, I will miss IIUM - Garden of Knowledge and Virtue
p/s: Please pray that Allah ease my path towards becoming IIUM Masters Graduate. Aameen ;)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mengenal Cinta

A nice song by The Muhibbains


I like the producer's idea of having the meter and inner speech in the video. 

I am addicted to ....


 One of my best friends, Bazlin gave me the NCIS series from Season 1 to Season 9.
To cut short, I just watched from Season 6. 
I'm done with Season 6 and 7.
 I just love NCIS.
Actually, I like investigation series or movies. CSI, Criminal Minds, Monk, bla bla bla.. You just name it ;).

Nowadays, I start to think, act and speak like a crime investigator. 



 Meet the NCIS team (from left): Abby, Dinozzo, McGee, Gibbs, Ziva, Vance, Palmer & Ducky.