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Monday, September 19, 2011

Note to Allah

Dear Allah,

You have tested me with BIG challenges
And I admit that I grew stronger and stronger each day
I know that You love me so much
I know that You always want me to be closer to You
I know that You know my strength and capabilities
That's why You tested me 
Because You are the Only One who know me BEST

Dear Allah,

You have tested me with BIG obstacles
And I admit that the obstacles ain't that hard as what Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alaihi wassalam had experienced
I know that Prophet Muhammad has showed the best example when overcoming with obstacles in life righteously
I know that Prophet Muhammad endured every obstacles patiently
I know that Prophet Muhammad always asked for Your guidance whenever he's in difficult situations
That's why you tested me
Because You want me to fight every obstacles in my life just like what Prophet Muhammad did with the kuffars.

Dear Allah,

I'm glad that You've tested me
It means that You are so near to me
You love to see me asking for Your help
Asking for Your guidance
Asking for Your mercy
Asking for Your forgiveness
That's why You tested me
Because You love me.

Munira Abdul Jalil
Mahallah Safiyyah, IIUM
19th September 2011
2127 Hours

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