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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Say Never

Never say never
I will fight till forever
Whenever you knock me down,
I'll stay on the ground!

p/s: One week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just do it!

The issue of my academic status has been 'haunting' me and some of my friends for more than 1 week.
Last Friday, we had our final say from THE DEPARTMENT.

*Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee*

FINAL VERDICT: Everything is to be finished by THIS SEMESTER

It made my heart torn apart.
Broken, precisely.

What I need must to do now is to complete everything within 1 semester.
Yes, everything.
I know this is possible.
And I know that this is also impossible.
Allahu 'alam
Allah knows BEST

Mind setting 1: Just do it, for the sake of Allah!
Mind setting 2: Just do it, for the sake of my beloved parents! May Allah bless both of you. I love both of you till death! *Hugs*
Mind setting 3: Just do it, for the sake of my master's certification!

p/s: InsyaALLAH Mun, YOU CAN DO IT! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soothing words from good friends

Alhamdulillah. Besides family members as one of my support system sources, I have great friends who always be there to comfort, console and support me in whatever things happened in my life. Here are some the messages that I got from them:

"Bila mungkin hidup hampa terasa, Mungkinkah hati merindukan Dia, Kerna hanya dengan-Nya hati tenang, Damai jiwa dan raga - Opick, Takdir" - M

"... Yang pasti, ALLAH tak pernah meninggalkan hambaNya yang selalu berharap pada Dia. Ya, manusia sering mengecewakan, tp ALLAH tak mungkin menghampakan. .... Allah jualah memegang hati manusia... Mintalah padaNya, pasti Dia akan beri... Allah menguji hamba yang Dia cinta, buat menambah cinta dan menaikkan darjat..." - KS

"... if you want to talk, my door is open, okey..." - N

"Yes hard time teach us to be a better person, InsyaAllah. When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.... may Allah show you the way and give you the ultimate strength. Things will get better, InsyaAllah. We friends will always support you! Dont you worry." - H

p/s: Wherever you are, I always pray that Allah bless and reward all of you accordingly. I can never pay your kindness and concern; I thank Allah for wonderful friends that I have throughout this life. Ukhuwwah fillah. 

Monday, September 19, 2011


"Dan apabila hamba - hamba Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka (jawablah), bahawasanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (segala perintah-Ku) dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran."

Surah al - Baqarah, 186

Note to Allah

Dear Allah,

You have tested me with BIG challenges
And I admit that I grew stronger and stronger each day
I know that You love me so much
I know that You always want me to be closer to You
I know that You know my strength and capabilities
That's why You tested me 
Because You are the Only One who know me BEST

Dear Allah,

You have tested me with BIG obstacles
And I admit that the obstacles ain't that hard as what Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alaihi wassalam had experienced
I know that Prophet Muhammad has showed the best example when overcoming with obstacles in life righteously
I know that Prophet Muhammad endured every obstacles patiently
I know that Prophet Muhammad always asked for Your guidance whenever he's in difficult situations
That's why you tested me
Because You want me to fight every obstacles in my life just like what Prophet Muhammad did with the kuffars.

Dear Allah,

I'm glad that You've tested me
It means that You are so near to me
You love to see me asking for Your help
Asking for Your guidance
Asking for Your mercy
Asking for Your forgiveness
That's why You tested me
Because You love me.

Munira Abdul Jalil
Mahallah Safiyyah, IIUM
19th September 2011
2127 Hours

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya - Psycsta

This video has its own history.
Its about us - Psycsta 
Psychology Students' Association
Psycsta is my first extended family
A lot of knowledge and experience that I treasured during my time with Psycsta especially finding my strength and weaknesses

I miss my Psycsta moments... 

Enjoy this video

p/s: I miss them. So much...
p p/s: I look thin in this video. Hehe...;).

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving forward, Mun!

Alhamdulillah, I met my good friends today after sometimes 'missing in action'. ;p.
We went to our friend's Walimah. 
Right after got back in KL (the walimah was in Seremban), me and my 2 other friends (both are siblings) went for a Secret Recipe date. 
We were sharing our stories and of course, I shared mine.
I had tough times right now due to my academic status. 
I received a call from an officer from Kulliyyah regarding my proposal registration.
I was quite shocked and sad.
Very sad.

I think that I've settled one problem.
But later, I had another BIG problem.
I had to wait until next week to confirm my academic status.
I pray that Allah gave me strength and guidance to face this problem.

Anyways, my friends suggested me this video by Matluthfi.Nice one by Br.  Mathluthfi. Good job! Just thought that this video can make you guys feel relief and motivated to face any obstacles in life. May Allah ease and give you strength in whatever obstacles that you're facing right now. 

p/s: Thanks to my 2 beloved friends. You know who you are. Love to bits! May Allah bless you


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dendam Semalam

Yesterday, I watched "Semanis Kurma" hosted by famous husband and wife, Ustaz Wan Akashah bin Wan Abdul Hamid and Dato' Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah Binti Mahamood. The topic discussed was Dendam Semalam. They invited Ogy Ahmad Daud and Shajiry. 

Among the points discussed:

  • It's our task to forgive others for their wrong doings.
  • Allah will always be with those who forgive the wrong doings of others.
  • Retaliation is discouraged in Islam.
  • Forgiveness is encouraged as it is one of the best examples that has been practiced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • Allah is the ultimate Judge. Thus, we should contemplate within ourselves as who are we to questioned others' action of not forgiving us.
At the end of the show, both Ustaz and Ustazah gave a doa on hatred and forgiveness. It is from Surah al Hasyr, ayah 10:

"Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who have preceded us in Faith, and put not in our hearts any hatred against those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness, Most Merciful"

I know, it is not an easy task to forgive the wrongdoings of others. Although sometimes you say that you have already forgive someone's wrongdoings but there's tiny little part in your heart, you still remember the wrongdoings. As for me, forgiving is quite hard. I forgive the wrongdoings of others but somehow its hard for me to forget what had happened in the past. 

Allahu Akhbar

I always pray to Allah for forgiveness of my wrongdoings. I also pray that Allah open my heart to easily accept forgiveness from others. I easily forgive, but hardly forget. May Allah give me strength and guidance to become a better person (i.e. with soft heart to easily forgive and forget). Allahu Ameen!

Forgiving is not forgetting, it is remembering and letting go.
(Claudia Black, 1989) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rough and Tough

During undergraduate years, I have this assumption that what I've learned in classroom is just bullets for me to use in exams.

I couldn't relate the theory and application of knowledge until I enrolled my Masters. 

Sad enough. 

But hey, its the reality.

To think about it, I'm very grateful to Allah for the opportunity given by Him to pursue my studies. 

At first, masters was just an 'exuse' or 'escapism' from hectic working life. 

After all, I enjoyed doing my masters but somehow there's always bumps here and there. 

During my masters classes, I learned a lot especially in research and application of knowledge. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, now I know the mechanism of doing research. Although, I'm not good at doing research. But, I'm much more confident at doing it as compared during my undergraduate years. Yeah, I'm still learning.

Its heartbreaking when I see my juniors presenting and defending their proposals while their senior (ehem.. ehem.. me, of course) struggling with her research proposal.-.-'

At points, I feel demotivated and down. However, life goes on! This new semester, commenced yesterday, is my FINAL and last extension semester. InsyaAllah.I have to fight for my masters and I know its going to be rough and tough! Yes, ROUGH and TOUGH!

InsyaAllah, Muslimah and Mukminah Industrial Organizational Psychologist in the making. May Allah ease my path and give me a lot of strength to make it through this hardship. Allahu Ameen!