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Friday, March 11, 2011

If you love or care for someone,

do it VISIBLY.
That really means alot.
Who? You?
Yes, you;

Care person (like the Care Bears ;p.)
Lover (like parents love their children)

If you love or care someone,
do it wholeheartedly.
Because you'll never know when the time comes
When there is NO MORE he, she, them, me and you
Who? You?
Yes, you;

I love you all of you...



  1. kak mun.. gmbr kat facebook tu.. u buat sendiri ke that quilling? (pggl quilling yer?) hehehe.. super cute!

  2. Ina, me love you too! Gambar kat facebook tu memang quilling tapi bukan i buat. I suke tgk ikan tu jadi i rembat the pic from Internet. Thanks to En. Google and this one blog. Yes, he (ikan emas) is so so so cute! :D.