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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You know what I did last mid sem break

when you see these pictures

1. Food

 From top: Sotong bakar, Nasi kenduri, Akok (Kelantanese pancake) and Steamboat.

2. Happy times

From top: Makan time, akad nikad time, family time

3. Allah's creation

Full moon and a star ;).
15 Zulhijjah 1432

4. Randomness

From top: Tammy in plastic bag, Tammy in a box, the famous and must-visit marker Pasar Siti Khadijah, Nordin Batik, Gedai Cendol sedap (KB), Kain & unique cats decoration

All pictures were taken in Kota Bharu, Kelatan.

Previously, I had this dream of living in Kelantan because i like the culture (kind of Islamic in nature, the warm citizen, the food) and I can always go Pantai Cahaya Bulan for beach therapy. Hehe

Somehow I changed my mine during my last visit as I underwent hard times with the Kelantanese drifters drivers and traffic. Stress okei! I don't want to be judgmental but in my point of view, these drivers are aggressive. It was stressful driving in Kota Bharu. Huh? But hey, no offense ya ore Kelate. It is just my assumption. okeh?
I might do research in Kelantan and examine the road user behaviours there. 
Hikhik... ;).

Overall, everything went well except all of us (my family members) fell sick. Oh ya, I am a 'supir' in Kota Bharu. Alhamdulillah, I managed to memorize the roads well. Thats you, I was appointed to be the supir most of the times. Hehe. I guess that's a gift from Allah to me. Thank you Allah.
Hmm.. thats all from me. Till my next post! 


p/s: Alhamdullilah. Thank you Allah for every single minutes in life; be it happiness, be it hardship. 

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