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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Motivationally, not motivated

It's all about my research proposal.

At this point of time, I feel that what I've been doing is useless.

Last week, I read paper on mediator and moderator variables in social sciences studies by Baron and Kenny and found that if only I want to see mediating effect of one of my variables, I need to have link between the predictor variable and mediator. The best part was that I don't have that link.


So now, I'm left with 3 options:

1. Change one of my variables and find another variable that serves as mediator/moderator to my predictor variable and outcome variable. 

2. Proceed with the present variables and find more studies that link these three variables.

3. Go back to the old proposal that I did during my Research Method; A research on the relationship between work stress, personality and cyberslacking. 

The last option is my last resort and I don't dare to take that option. If I take that option, it means that I have give up with all the work on aggressive driving. 

Once I met a lecturer who taught me Public Administration during my undergraduate years. I was talking to her about my decision to change my topic and she supported the decision. She said, whatever it is, I took the risk already. So, no need to regret about that. Just move on and finish up the proposal.


Now, I need that strength, need that support. I tried my best to be the best that I can be.. Ya Allah, please give me strength to overcome this... to complete my thesis. Ameen...

It seems that I can't find my way out... 

Allahu Akhbar


p/s: I think I've hurt someone's feeling by rejecting her invitation to date. To that person, I'm so sorry. I appreciate your effort to meet but I was busy completing my important task. Would you date me next week?Plissssssh~~~


  1. darling.. darling.. darling.. yes, we can meet next week insyaAllah. just focus on your task 1st.. i miss you, that's all.. see u my sis... love u a lot... ;)

  2. Thanks dear for your understanding. InsyaAllah, we meet next week. Me miss you so much!:'(.