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Saturday, July 09, 2011

I'm now officially..... a 'rock' singer

Yes, I am.

I was knocked down by fever few days ago.
Now, battling with dry cough.

I had hard times putting myself to fall asleep.

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah for this sickness.
Weird huh?

Nope. It is just a matter of purification.
Purification of body and SOUL.

Hardships... and hardships... never end...
Reason: Allah loves the one, who endures hardships with full submission to Him.
I pray that Allah gives me strength to overcome any hardships in life. Ameen
Only from HIM, I gain strength.

Only from HIM, I gain happiness.

Only from HIM, I gain serenity.
Solat, deeds, life and death only for ALLAH! 

p/s: Keep on rocking mun! InsyaAllah, you can do this! ;).


  1. dah kkeluar album lum? hehehe.. joking2.. akak, come over my hse.. let's have slumber party!!

  2. Haha.. kluar album gambar je. ;p. Ina, i cannot come over at your house la this week coz this week is family week; got family gathering and kenduri. a bit bz. insyaAllah, after dat ok. ;).