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Friday, April 01, 2011

Ice ice bebeh~

Just now, my dearest sister, Ina (Zarina Zaimi) called me and reminded me about our date plan! Yeay~ guess what...

Hint: Ice ice baby...Ice ice baby....

InsyaAllah, by Allah's willing, next weekend, we will spend time exercising and show our ice skating skill. Hahaha.. 

I never skate before and I'm so excited. As usual, I made my research. Survey harga, first.

For Non-Members, like me, the rate during weekends is RM20.00. As for weekdays, non-members need to pay RM15.00.

Second, operating hours.

Weekdays: 9 am - 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 10 pm

Sunday: 9 am - 8 pm

Third, how to get there?

1. You can go by your own transportation: Bicycle, beca, moto kapcai, kereta kesayangan.
2. You can take Rapid KL LRT to Kelana Jaya. If I'm not mistaken, there's shuttle bus to go to Sunway Pyramid. 
3. You can use other public transports such as taxi or bus. I'm not familiar with which buses go to Sunway Pyramid. Can't share the info with you guys. Sorry

I never ice skate before. I used to roller blade when I was in primary schools. I like it! My parents bought for me and my twin sister as our birthday presents. I still remember. The roller blade was blue in colour. ;).

Oh ya, for more info on the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating kindly browse

Ais.. ais.. bayi... Ais.. ais... bayi.... ;p.


  1. akak! im excited as well.. tp ada sorg budak ngada ajak g main bowling pulak... kat sunway ada ke kak? kite g naik lrt leh? then naik shuttle ;) x larat nak drive jauh2 ni.. ;/ duit minyak lagi.. lgpun yesterday g shopping dgn aida, my sis.. habis brp entah.. cut story short: both of us memg feeling guilty smpi vow xmo shopping! aiyo..

  2. Hehe.. boleh je naik public transport. No problem maa.. hehe.. ajak yang lain2 sama g main ice skating. the more, the merrier right. hehe ;D.