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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do it the Khalifah way ;).

Dua minggu yang lepas adalah minggu 'kejatuhan' dan minggu tekanan.

Yes, I'm stressed out and lil bit down.

Progress thesis: Slow. I'm (made myself) occupied with other things. Haha. But I believe that other things made me happy and helped me grow as a Khalifah. =).

Like what I went through last weekend : Khalifah Model School (KMS) Ukhuwwah Camp 2011. I had few programs with the kids before. But this time, it was a bit tough for me. I was assigned as Program Coordinator (PC) (which I really into and people know me as Mun, PC sepanjang zaman, ;p.) and at the same time, (as someone 'senior' in the program) I was assumed with responsibility to really look into the application of Khalifah Method's pillars. Do you want to know what are the three pillars of Khalifah Method? They are:

1. Having the right worldview (i.e. Islamic worldview)

2. Strengthen the good/positive behaviour through reward

3. Firm but kind

I have been with Khalifah Institute since 2006. Thus, as I go along, I find myself improving the knowledge on Khalifah Method. Khalifah Method is not a bidaah or a new cult but it is an approach of promoting self excellence through revealed knowledge (al - Qur'an and as - Sunnah) and psychology. Alhamdulilah, after several trainings and involvement in camps (children, teenagers, university students and adults), I felt that the approach has some impact in my life. Alhamdulillah! For me, the application (amal) part of Khalifah Method is a bit challenging. InsyaAllah, with more knowledge, sabar and istiqamah, I can understand more on Khalifah Method in whole. May Allah make things ease for me to understand the knowledge, inculcate within my life and to disseminate it to others. Ameen

Dealing with the kids was a bit tough. Frankly speaking, I don't have experience in dealing with kids. But that doesn't decreases my motivation to be close to them and to understand them. Well, everything happens for hikmah right? ;). Maybe I can use the skills and knowledge from these kids for my children ;p. InsyaAllah... :D.

 I gained a lot of experiences during these program:

1. Be firm but kind. 
I am a not-so-firm person. That is one of my weaknesses. I admitted I have problem to be firm as I easily 'melt' (cair) when someone 'pujuk' or ask for my forgiveness. But that doesn't work actually. I learned that I need to be firm (with what I say) and kind for the goodness of all. 

2. Closeness to Allah
 I love nature. When I join any program which is outdoor activities, it makes me ponder upon what Allah has given me. The feeling of syukur comes into mind. Sometimes we are so busy with our life and up to a point, we feel left out or stress out but we forget to appreciate nikmah that Allah has given us. Alhamdulillah,throughout the 2 nights, 3 days KMS Ukhuwwah Camp I managed to moon and star gazing. I love gazing at full moon. It really makes me happy! I'm blessed ya Allah.

3. My own weaknesses
Something had happened towards the end of the program and I was at my lowest point in life. I broke into tears during the post mortem. LOL! (Tak pernah sejarah dalam post mortem, seorang PC yang comel dan ayu menangis depan rakan - rakan fasilitator dan komiti, haish~). I was questionning myself. What I've done wrong? Did I do my very best during the program?Hmmm... Ya Allah, maafkan hambaMu ini kerna tidak melakukan yang terbaik semasa program. Astaghfirullah alazim. whatever it is, I learn to accept my weaknesses. I learn what makes our program successful or vice versa - TEAMWORK! Thanks to those who were besides me when I was down at that time. Really appreciate it. May Allah bless all of you. Sorry for any mistakes that I've done during the program. 

I guess that's all for now. I'm running out of battery. hehe.. need to rest. Tomorrow, I'm going for road trip with my bestie, Athirah. And I'm going back to re-charge my battery at my hometown. yeay! The last time I went back home was during Hari Raya Aidil Adha, last year. hehe.. Please make doa for the safety and barakah for my journey ya. Take care



  1. salam kak mun.. i wish i was there with u at the time.. oh my dear sis.. you are so strong.. i truly admire you.. akak, miss u so much!! hope to date u soon so we can spill everything.. love u every bit!

  2. Wsalam Ina. Thank you for your support dear. really appreciate it. I'm not that strong as sometimes I fall down and get carried away. But, I believe everything happens for hikmah. I just need to be sabar to find the hikmah. Hope to see you soon dear! Thank you for making me smile. <3 u too!