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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Happiness =).

I love taking pictures. 

It is one of my happiness in my life. 

Thank you Allah for everything that You had given us.



p/s: This is the first time ever that I uploaded pictures in my blog. Weee ~


  1. kak mun! lets date.. then we can take pics together-gether ;)

  2. Huda: stroberi dah abish. kesian huda tak dpt mkn hari tu dek tiada pengawetan terhadap stroberi - stroberi tersebut. tp takpe, minum hot chocolate strawberry tu tau. stroberi jugak ;p.

    Anger with hijab: Ina pun suka tangkap - tangkap gambar ye? Jom~ jom~ next month (18 - 20th March 2011) ade Hot Air Ballon festival kt Putrajaya. Geng KYC nk g sana ramai2. boleh shooting kt sana. Nak join?

  3. nnnaaaaakkkk!!!!!! tq for the invitation - so touch!

  4. Angel with hijab: Ur welcome dear. Tentatively, kitaorg i.e. KYC nak pegi on the 20th March, most probably pagi sbb diaorg lpskan belon panas ke udara around 7 - 8 am. so, block ur calendar ye. ;).