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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Loving It!


The other night when we had one of the activities planned for Khalifah Institute

Appreciation Dinner, we shared our feelings and experiences on "How Khalifah Method

changed my life." I stumbled and I my speech went hire wire. Bluek! I don't know how to

express it.

*Im bad at expressing myself vocally*

I just feel it. Yup.. One thing that will make me smile is the culture which

has been created within Khalifah Circle : When someone says "Thank you. May Allah bless

you." It is just amazing. Subhanallah.

Recently, I'm beginning to 'shape' myself to say "Thank you. May Allah bless you." =D.

And now, I would thank you and may Allah bless all of us. Insya Allah. :).

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